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STEP 1: Learner | Lyrical (Week 2)

A 3-week course for beginners

  • Park Meadows Drive

Service Description

🚨 ATTENTION: This is "Week 2" of our 3-week course! If you missed "Week 1," we highly recommend waiting for the next available course. Check the schedule to book the following "Week 1". Otherwise, make sure to book "Week 3" to attend the remainder of this course! 🕺💃 Step 1: Learner Ready to take your first steps into the world of dance? In Step 1: Learner, our three-week program will guide you through the foundations of dance. Each week, you'll dive into a single class, breaking down a 45-90 second choreography into three manageable parts. With a slower pace and focused instruction, you'll gain confidence, enhance choreography retention, and develop a strong dance foundation. Get ready to groove, learn, and shine on the dance floor! Class breakdown: Duration: 60 minutes Week 1: - Introduction to the song and the dance style - Break down of basic steps and foundational movements - Break down of the first half of the choreography (usually 20-35 seconds) - Practice the choreography repeatedly throughout the class - Take-home assignment: practice what you learned in class (You're encouraged to record yourself or the instructor so you can practice at home) Week 2: - Review and reinforcement of the steps learned in the previous class - Introduction to the second part of the choreography - Learning and practicing the last 20-35 seconds of the choreography - Take-home assignment: Practice the complete choreography (You're encouraged to record yourself or the instructor so you can practice at home) Week 3: - Recap of the entire routine learned so far - Fine-tuning and cleaning up the choreography - Answering any questions or addressing concerns - Reserved 15-20 minutes at the end of the class for recording group videos (optional but recommended) - You'll receive a professionally edited group video to practice at home, share with friends and family, and showcase on social media!

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